Finishing up

Throughout this course there are a lot of things I have learnt and a lot I have been able to reflect on as a result of this. I feel as if most of my learning took place during the prac but the course was modules also really helped. Looking at my teaching and reflecting on it is something that I have found to be really important. I have also enjoyed learning about the RAT model and numerous other things that can help me to implement ICTs into the classroom. Overall I have found this course to be one that I have really enjoyed this semester.


Theory washing

Theory washing is when a learning experience is linked to references and literature when they have clearly not informed the learning experiences. Whilst this is something that would have made getting the amount of required references easy in assessments it is not something I have done before but it is something that I believe was important to learn about to ensure that I do not do it. All of the lessons and learning experiences I have put together I have ensured fit with the references and literature that I have actually used and made sure I have used them effectively.

Reflective writing

Reflective writing is a writing based on personal responses to an experience. For me completing my part D I found it really good to engage in reflective writing as it allowed me to look at exactly what I did and reflect on it. This reflection enabled me look at my ICT use during my prac and my feedback in a different light which really helped me. It allowed me to look at insights gained during the prac and also all of the things I can improve upon later. Additionally I was able to look at factors that effected my ability to use ICTs during the prac and now I have more time to consider how I could overcome these later on.

Professional experience: lesson plans

During professional experience I found it difficult to write lesson plans to the extent that I would write them for assessment pieces. Each day I would come home and sit down to plan 3 or 4 lesson which meant section like formative assessment, differentiation, teaching strategies  weren’t filled in (More info found about this here). The lesson plan were enough for me to understand what and how I was going to teach and my mentor was happy with them but looking back they are not something that I am comfortable handing in. Emily Cotton had a really good post about planning lessons with ICT effectively that I wish I has read before going on prac but it is something I will keep in mind for my future placements.

Professional Experience Day One

The first day of my professional experience was a big one. I spent the day observing the class routine and how the teacher managed a class the ranged from preps to second year students. Like most schools that I have been in, staff meeting was on a Friday afternoon which resulted in the day ending at 5pm followed by a 30min drive home. At the end of this day I came home with a vomiting bug which I assume I caught from one of the students. Due to the sickness I had to take the next three days off (the fourth was a public holiday) which set my finishing date back 4 days. Unfortunately, the for the remainder of my professional experience I continued to be sick which made everything that bit more difficult.

Interactive white boards

I read Belinda’s blog post ( about interactive white boards and it was one that really interested me. Like Belinda, I am interested to make use of interactive white boards during my prac as much as I can. I also learnt a lot about interactive white boards during week 11 so I am even more excited to make use of them if I can. This obviously depends on whether my school has an interactive white board in the class I’m in and that’s something I’m going to find out about on Thursday. If I don’t have an interactive white board in my classroom during prac I’ll be disappointed but I’ll find another way to implement ICTs into the classroom. Since I’m in a prep, 1 and 2 room I’ll have to use the ICTs in a way suitable for all students. A website I found also has interesting information about interactive white boards too.

In preparation for professional experience

Since its now only a week and a half before I go on professional experience I have started making my self prepared. I have written a schedule for everyday detailing what course work and assessment needs to be done before prac starts, printed out all the relevant information and written a set of questions that I need to ask my mentor when we meet next week. I am happy to say that at this point I am on top of my course work for ICT and pedagogy so now I will start to get on top of my other courses. I really don’t want to focus on anything else while I’m on prac but I know this won’t be the case.